AIN'T WORRIED: How I Overcame Stress!

If I could sum up my journey to releasing the song “Ain’t Worried” I would use one word: DIFFICULT! As an independent artist, I’ve seen so many set backs and I have had even more failures. But I have learned that the importance in failure is what you get out of it that helps you to succeed. Ain’t worried was a song that was originally written in September of 2015 and here it is a year later, and I am finally able to release the song. I faced challenges like losing the instrumental, losing two engineers, and having to re-shoot the music video twice. BOY IT WAS A PROCESS! But It's funny how God works, because in the midst of the process, God used those adversities to develop my character. I have always been a person that said “I never want to make music that I can’t live” Well the truth is, before I released Ain’t worried, I wasn’t living a worry free life. In fact, I was so stressed that it was affecting my health. I remember many mornings where I woke up with anxiety because I didn’t want to face the obstacles that awaited me throughout my day. But one morning, God woke me up and reminded me that he has given me the power to dictate my day! So if I feel stressed throughout the day, it is only because I have allowed stress to run rampant instead of taking authority and focusing on the positive aspects of life. To be honest, life can be a trip; but you have the ability to decide rather you want to fall into the trap of stress that life can bring or not. Tie up your shoes and keep moving forward! Every single day, I choose not to fall into the trap of worry. Some days are easier than others. But ultimately worry is a choice, and it's something that I simply choose not to entertain. So if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I challenge you to find the good in every situation! Focus on the things that are good, lovely, things that bring you peace in your heart, and things that put a smile on your face! Regardless to how ugly the situation may look, there is always something good that you can find in that situation. I challenge you to focus on the good!!


The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”-William James


Until Next time,


Your Sis,

Ms. Pretty N Radical

Erica Mason