Pretty N Radical: Removing the Mask



Pretty N Radical is more than just this cool phrase that I use. It is truly a way of life. Pretty N Radical means “To love who God made you, and how God made you. It means to be pretty from within”. As women, most of us find beauty in the lip gloss and blush that we mask on our faces daily. While I must admit I am a girl who loves a little make up from time to time, but I also have to realize that often times we use our outer exterior to hide what’s really going on internally. Everyone has heard the saying, “the biggest smiles hide the most hurt”. Many of us have become pros at hiding how we truly feel and how we truly see ourselves in order to present perfection to the world for a little validation and acceptance. That is such a MISERABLE life. The true key to freedom is removing your mask and acknowledging and accepting the person in the mirror. Truth is, I didn’t always see myself as pretty. Sometimes I still struggle with moments where I feel insecure about how I look or feel. I grew up being self-conscious about the size of my lips, and the fact that I have a chipped tooth. For so long I tried to cover it up but someone would still always have a comment or a joke about my insecurities. It wasn’t until I actively decided to stop trying to cover up what I perceived as a flaw and embraced my beautiful imperfections. That’s when I truly began to love who I saw in the mirror. I had to be honest with myself and admit that I am not perfect and that is PERFECTLY FINE because to God, I am just right. He thinks that I am to die for! I also had to dig deeper than the exterior, I had to look within and acknowledge that I struggled with my sexuality due to being taken advantage of. I have to admit that I struggled with suicide and depression because I never felt as though I was good enough. At that moment of honesty, I then began to assess what was true and what was a lie. In order to tell the difference, I had to look at what God thought about me. The lie was that I was ugly and shameful because of my struggles with my sexuality and my thoughts of contemplating suicide. The truth was that God said everything is perfect about me and that my life has value in it. The truth was that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that I am made in the image of God. The lie was that I would never be good enough and no matter what I do, I will always be rejected. The truth is, I am accepted by God and he lavishes his love on me daily. The truth is, I am enough. The truth is, you are enough. The truth is, behind the mask that you wear, many of you are just like me, an ordinary girl trying to find beauty in her brokenness. The truth is, regardless of your flaws and mistakes, you are beautiful beyond measure and the moment you are honest with yourself and begin to see yourself the way God sees you, that’s the moment you will see just how pretty you really are!


Until Next Time,


Your Sis,

Erica Mason

Ms. Pretty N Radical


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