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Erica Mason graduated from high school as the first black valedictorian in history at Williston High School. In a time where it seemed as though the odds where against her, while dealing with issues of a broken home and depression, Erica was supported and motivated by her teachers who challenged her to rise above her circumstances. Erica decided to tune her focus on academics in which she excelled in her course load. This extended Erica the opportunity to attend the University of Florida on a full ride scholarship! Erica believes that knowledge and education is an asset that breeds success. 


Through the Pretty N Radical Movement, Erica has traveled the world teaching young girls the importance of understanding who they are as individuals and embracing their God given identity. She founded Pretty N Radical in 2014 when she realized that the most powerful form of knowledge is understanding who God created you to be. The Pretty N Radical movement has touched thousands of lives as Erica has created music that empowers young women to love themselves and freely express their identity. 


As the Pretty N Radical movement continues to grow, Erica has decided to take a step further and give back to the next generation and provide and opportunity for young girls to further their education. 10% of all proceeds of Erica's music will go to the PNR scholarship fund. If you are inspired by the impact that PNR has made and would like to partner with Erica, please Donate Now! 


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